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The Lucky Merrow

Pale Gold 6d6 Pip Set

Pale Gold 6d6 Pip Set

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"I can't seem to get this blasted thing to work, but I guess that's what happens when you try to use unrefined components like a heathen. Shoulda just gone and got it myself."

Pale Gold is a solid gold resin with a subtle shimmer in its depths. In all honesty- this was supposed to be a UV-reactive pigment that changes from gold to teal in the sun but after multiple tests casting with it I've yet to get it to change even a little when standing out in full sunlight. Maybe someone else will have better luck, but in consolation at least it's a pretty color to start with. It's inked in a highly reflective metallic purple.

All 6d6 pip sets come with a small cotton drawstring bag of a random pattern.

Note: As everything is made by hand with love there may be some slight variation in color from the photo pictured. Small cosmetic flaws to the surface may also appear, but will not affect their ability to roll.

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