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The Lucky Merrow

Unplanned Flight Oversized d20

Unplanned Flight Oversized d20

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"It was definitely an accident. No one in the nest wanted them to fall during the small tussle. With flight feathers barely grown in none of them had tried copying their parents before. But with the ground approaching fast and the sky so far away they had to try. They flailed outward in an awkward display of feathers flapping. At least they slowed themselves down, but the ground didn't taste good at all."

Unplanned Flight features small black feathers and moss nestled underneath a haze of sky blue. They're inked in a color-shift aqua. These dice measure approximately 32mm from face to opposite face, making them slightly larger than my previous 30mm D20s!

*All oversized D20s come with a small cotton drawstring bag of a random pattern.

Note: As everything is made by hand with love there may be some slight variation in color from the photo pictured. Small cosmetic flaws to the surface may also appear, but will not affect their ability to roll.

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