One Month Newsletter

Hello everyone!

I'd first off like to extend a sincere thanks to you all for supporting me so much through the opening month! I work almost full-time as a grocery store cashier, so for the time being my productivity is more limited than I would like to be.

It's tentative at the moment, but I'm going to aim to do a restock by the end of January. I'll be sure to make a proper announcement on my Twitter and Instagram as soon as the date is decided on. I know I'm out of stock for a few of my more popular products at the moment, and am working hard to make sure I can restock those as well as offer some new designs!

Thank you for swimming with me through this journey, and have a wonderful day!

- The Lucky Merrow

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don’t know if you’d remember me but I saw you at a con a few years ago and loved your work sadly I didn’t have the money to make a purchase but I will when I have the money to do so

john remmen

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