Info and Pricing

Note: Commissions are currently Open!


Commission slots tend to reset with every restock, so be sure to keep an eye out for announcements!


Available slots:

1. Any type (Available)

2. Any type (Available)

3. Any type (Available)


    Every shop restock I will open up a limited number of commission slots.

    These slots will be on a first come first serve basis. I do not hold slots for anyone. Turnaround time from work beginning to the order being shipped is approximately a month to a month and a half depending on the volume of the order. All commissions include recasts in the case of the first attempt not meeting what the customer wants out of the design.

    Current Options

    • 8 piece set (8 piece set, utahraptor claw keychain, small dice bag, and a surprise bonus item) - $90+
    • 6d6 Pip set (6 d6s, small dice bag, and a surprise bonus item.) - $75+
    • Full Course (8 piece set, oversized d20, utahraptor claw keychain, 2 small dice bags, and a surprise bonus item.) - $130+
    • Banquet (8 piece set, oversized d20, 6d6 pip set, utahraptor claw keychain, 3 small dice bags, and a surprise bonus item.) - $190+
    • Custom - Looking for something specific that isn't immediately offered here? I'd be more than happy to plan a more personalized order with you to bring your vision to life! Due to the varied nature of customized orders, I can't give a base estimate of what to expect.


    • Large standing drawstring dice bag (Capacity of up to 200 dice + random keychain. Your choice of fabrics from my stock.) - $25
    • Pendant (Themed to your commission) - $10
    • Keychain (Themed to your commission) - $10
    • Extra D20 (Can be same as the commission or different colors) - $20
    • Crystal Heart Box (Themed to your commission) - $40

    What I can do:

    • Make a cast of a previous design I've offered before that is not currently in stock.
    • Make a design inspired by a previous set I have done before.
    • Work with you to make a set themed for one of your characters or inspired by a piece of media you like.

    What I will not do:

    • Copy another maker's design.
    • Directly recreate another customer's commission design without prior permission.

    The General Process

    I will announce the opening of commission slots via twitter and Instagram. If there is anything different from intended I will be sure to specify with each slot opening. I will not hold a slot for anyone. They are only guaranteed once they have been paid for. The first steps that will be taken during a commission will be as follows:

    1. I announce upcoming slots through the proper channels. I will specify how many and if they're locked to a specific type of commission.
    2. Contact me via e-mail at with the subject line "Lucky Merrow Dice Commission" so I can easily find your e-mail. In the e-mail, please also include what you're hoping to get alongside whatever description, images, or inspiration for what you have in mind. This will give me a better idea to determine if the design will require extra work or supplies I don't currently have that may incur an extra materials fee. All questions are appreciated to help design the dice of your dreams.
      Contact me via DMs on Twitter, Instagram, or Tiktok.
    3. Once the initial designs have been discussed and approved. I will create a custom listing (on for you to place the commission.


    Terms of Service

    • Commissioners must be 18 years or older to place a commission.
    • Payment required in full up front before any work begins.

    *I reserve the right to refuse a commission slot if it's determined that I need to do so. I reserve the right to sell usable rejected casts. If a commission slot is forfeited I reserve the right to sell the dice in store updates.

    (Please refer to the Return Policy page for further information on forfeiting slots and refunds.)