Shop Restock and Design Schedules


So today is the big day for my first scheduled restock for the store. I prioritized getting at least one of each of my out of stock designs available so there's a chance to snag something good. I hope this is a big enough update for now! I plan on being able to offer more of a variety the next update.

Which brings me to the next topic-

Starting today, I'll be dividing up my more popular designs so that one batch of designs releases during restocks one half of the year and the other batch in the other half.

So it'll look something like this:

April - September Burning Roll, They're In The Flowers, Sweet Dreams 30mm d20
October - Match  Thalassophobia, Amethyst Geode, Amber Remains 30mm d20


I'll be using the spare time this generates to work more on some experimental sets that I hope can really showcase what I've been learning during my time as a dice maker.

Thank you for all your support, and I hope to be able to add new dice to your hoard that you love.

Happy Swimming!

- The Lucky Merrow

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