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The Lucky Merrow

A Poem to Death 6d6 Pip Set

A Poem to Death 6d6 Pip Set

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"I couldn't find a way to speak up. All I kept thinking about was how much you'd seen that I'd missed. Your cold hands and careless gaze looked through me without a second thought. It wasn't my time, and we both knew that."

A Poem to Death features handmade resin skulls, a pale purple flower stem, a red petal, and a subtle shimmer. It is inked in a rich orange-toned gold. Due to the more difficult nature of the inclusions and the work required to position them, this set costs more than the standard pip sets.

All 6d6 pip sets come with a small cotton drawstring bag of a random pattern.

Note: As everything is made by hand with love there may be some slight variation in color from the photo pictured. Small cosmetic flaws to the surface may also appear, but will not affect their ability to roll.

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