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The Lucky Merrow

Delicate Ephemera 8 Pc. Set

Delicate Ephemera 8 Pc. Set

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Glow Color

"All too soon did it end. The times they would sneak away to the nearby fields and hide the day away until the fireflies came out for the night. She still thinks about her, even years later. That will never change."

Delicate Ephemera features hydrangea petals and pink colored snake shed that has been separated scale by scale for a falling petal look. It has a shimmer of two different iridescent glitters and is under-inked in a metallic white. The top coat for the numbers is neutral in the light but in the dark glows a bright green.

All 8 piece sets come with a matching keychain and small cotton drawstring bag of a random pattern.

Note: As everything is made by hand with love there may be some slight variation in color from the photo pictured. Small cosmetic flaws to the surface may also appear, but will not affect their ability to roll.

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