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The Lucky Merrow

The Marsh Beast 6d6 Pip Set

The Marsh Beast 6d6 Pip Set

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"Don't go out there! Don't even look out of the windows. Something's been chasing us all night. All long pointy teeth and it moves like it doesn't have a bone in its body. I don't even think it's alive, if it ever was in the first place."

The Marsh Beast is a color-shift green and metallic gray marbled set. It has been inked in a color-shift green to bring out the green tones more.

All 6d6 pip sets come with a small cotton drawstring bag of a random pattern.

Note: As everything is made by hand with love there may be some slight variation in color from the photo pictured. Small cosmetic flaws to the surface may also appear, but will not affect their ability to roll.

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