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The Lucky Merrow

Travelers of The Stars Single D20

Travelers of The Stars Single D20

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"I think I'm going to tell you the beginning of a special bedtime story today. Of heroes who discover who they truly are while fighting against a threat that stands to hurt those they hold dear. Heroes who learn that the bravest thing anyone can do in the face of a cruel reality is to remain kind. Tonight I'll tell you the tale of the Travelers of The Stars."

Travelers of The Stars is an insert design featuring swirling white, black, and dark blue resin filled with glitter and holographic flakes to resemble a galaxy. There are gold four-point stars decorating the surface of it on random faces. The outer shell is cast in clear and the numbers are inked in a colorshift green that flashes gold in the light.

Note: As all dice are handmade it's not uncommon for small marks or cosmetic flaws that will not damage their ability to roll fairly. Colors in person may be slightly different than how they appear in photos.

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